New consecrations for Sarra Huiles …

Tunisian olive oils were again devoted to the AVPA 2011 competition organized by the French Agency for the Valorization of Agricultural Products.

The AVPA 2011 contest organized by the French Agency for the Valorization of Agricultural Products, with 17 Tunisian oils participated this year was of a particularly high level. More than 150 oils from the main producing countries of the Mediterranean basin were competing. The Tunisian oils are thus facing the best Italian, Spanish and Greek productions.

A French jury was in charge of evaluating the oils in competition. It first met in Aix en Provence under the auspices of the Technical Center of the Olive Tree to eliminate oils that are clearly defective or of an organoleptic interest that is clearly too weak and to organize homogeneous groups of olive oils So as to compare oils which are comparable to one another. 6 groups were defined, grouping the oils according to their intensity and their fruity.

Then a second series of tastings is held to determine, in each group, the panel of oils that can claim a medal. 50 oils remain in the list including 5 Tunisians.

In the “Sweet to Mature Fruity” category: Domaine Fendri

In the category “Intensities with Mature Fruity”: the oil mill Jbabli

In the category “intense with green fruity” Médolea

In the category “Medium with Mature Fruity” the two oils of Sarra Huiles (organic and standard)

Then comes the last round to try to determine the best productions in each of the categories. The last act is played in Paris in the AVPA space for presentation of oils where several starred chefs come to bring their opinion of aroma assemblers.

After deliberation, three Tunisian oils are laureates 2011.

Sarra Huiles won two medals,

A silver medal for its organic oil with a very intense and persistent fruity, ripe type with aromas of almond and raspberry. Its pleasant nose confirms the notes of almond and adds tones of hazelnut,
A bronze medal for its inorganic oil. This harmonious fruity oil of medium intensity produces aromas of almond and raspberry. Its slight bitterness accompanies its ripe fruity pleasantly.
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